Akash International School

SCHOOL REOPENING : Grades 9th - 12th STD - On 15th May | Grades 1st - 8th STD On 1st June

Admission Procedure

On completion of registration, all candidates will be assessed on their academic performance in English, Hindi, Maths and General Knowledge. Assessment will be based on minimal development levels required at the conclusion of the previous class based on school syllabus.

The assessment will be followed by an interview which will be aimed at determining the congruency of the parental point of view with that of the school, the subject scores of the students in interpreted with regard to their potential, aptitude, personality, intelligence, sporting skills, creative abilities and any other criterion deemed notable by the admission committee.

Results of the above assessment will be based strictly on merit and will be subject to provisions mentioned herein by the admission committee, following which seats will be offered in order of merit. The admission committee will be endowed with the right to reject the application of any student.


  • LKG – 4 Years.
  • UKG – 4.5 Years.
  • Class I – 5 Years 5 Months.