Our Anthem

Our Anthem - Akash International School

School Prayer

“Om Thath Sath Shri Narayana Thu
Purushotthama Guru Thu
Siddha Buddha Thu Skanda Vinaayaka
Savitha Paavaka Thu . . .

Brahma Madhya Thu Yahava Shakthi Thu
Yesu Pitha Prabhu Thu
Rudhra Vishnu Thu Ramakrishna Thu
Rahima Thaavo Thu . . .

Vaasudeva Go Vishwa Roopa Thu
Chidaananda Hari Thu
Advaitheeya Thu Akala Nirbhaya
Aathmalinga Shiva Thu. “

School Song

“Akashians young and old
Come join in voices strong and bold
Learning all our wordly cares behind
We’ve bonded together to educate our minds

Amidst the beauty of nature that surrounds
An ambience of love and peace all around
A centre of knowledge where we share
And learn to nurture everyone with care

Our dear teachers guide us each day
Helping us to choose the right way
Be it in academic or in fields
Our achievements will be tempered with noble deeds
Let us through our actions show appreciation

The Patriotic love we feel for our nation
Achieving through excellence, aim high
Spreading far and wide as the vastness of skies

With a promise to achieve goals greater
We send to God this earnest prayer
To bless always my loving ALMA MATER. “