Akash International School

SCHOOL REOPENING : Grades 9th - 12th STD - On 15th May | Grades 1st - 8th STD On 1st June


At Akash International School, we create an integrated environment for students. An environment in which they can truly explore the vast vistas of knowledge, reach new horizons and venture into unexplored frontiers. An environment in which not only they can explore the world of science and history, of design and beauty, and a world that is mysterious and revealing in its many wonders and truths, but also an inner world, a world of strength and capability that lies within each one of us.

At Akash International School, we seek to celebrate this quest for knowledge – inward and outward. AIS provides an environment of the cultural richness with a blend of the modern and traditional educational system to nurture young minds and propel them forward to face the challenges of life. Our unique and intimate learning environment, with smart classes, student teacher ratio of 1:20 with appropriate classroom training, enables students to learn in a collaborative ambience in a diverse educational community.