Chairman Message

Ms. Mousumi Basu


I firmly believe every individual has the ability to learn. Learning is a continuous process. We learn to adapt, adopt and forge new paths and overcome challenges. Children are naturally curious .It is that innate characteristic we need to nurture and develop so that they can face the future challenges with ease and grace. Every child is unique. They love to learn but their ways of learning are different too. It is important to provide them an unbiased platform to excel. I believe in serving them a buffet of experiences from which they gain exposure and opportunity to optimise their learning. Education is metamorphosis of an individual to their best possible Avatar. It is imperative to provide the young minds a non judgmental environment to experiment and develop their skills and to move forward in spite of failures. Tomorrow’s citizens should be ready to accept tomorrow’s challenges and not be limited by today’s .They should be able to demonstrate the growth mindset.

At AIS we believe in giving students an all round holistic environment maintaining a deep-rooted link in our traditional value system, where no failure is absolute and no success final. The students are encouraged to be fearless learners in their journey towards excellence through an all rounded STEAM curriculum .Our teachers are groomed to be facilitators of self realization and development. Sports, dance, music, art are not extra curriculum activities but an integral part of the curriculum. They help the students as they joyfully continue in there learning journey. We believe, as Tagore said, “Don’t limit a child to your own learning as he was born in another time”.