Mr. Prabhakar Ramdas C.A

Chief Administrative Officer

Mr. Prabhakar is the cynosure of the Akash Group of Institutions. His workaholic nature not only enables him shoulder the multi dimensional responsibilities such as Admin, Finance, Legal and even Academic but also helps him to carryout them with elan and aplomb. He with his affability and compassionate dealing could almost become panacea for any problem of the parents, students and staff. His multi lingual ability and pleasant demeanor could make anybody feel at home for any need or redressal . He is a connoisseur of vision, mission and positive energy for the growth and development of the organization. Being pious, he is endowed with all the noble qualities of an ideal human being.


Academic Director

‘DIRECT SPEECH’ I believe that every human child is a unique creature. And while heredity does shape the physiological constitution, the rest rests in the agents of the environment, and especially with the school as most of the formative years are spent there, spurring the course of evolution and fruition. The parent is thus the first teacher and the teacher, the second parent. But unfortunately, somewhere along our mad rush for materialistic fulfilment within the chaotic trappings of modern-day existence, both seem to fail, leaving the impressionable youth to blunder. Here, at AIS, we strive to thrive by bridging this chasm.

Each child is like a galaxy of unharnessed atoms. If the right environment is not provided, it will explode, bringing instant destruction. Education devoid of morality, a cut-throat competitive life, the invasion of electronic media bolstering the dragonish net of violence, drugs, crime, corruption and erosion of values, all serve to make the lives of our children more complex and cumbersome. Mushrooming of cheap coaching centres, knowledge explosion due to the advent of internet and other technological onslaught, etc. have made the teacher almost redundant. In such a scenario, it is imperative that a teacher works to fill the void of communication and by reaching out to the souls of the students through exemplary life of values and virtues, usher in an era of change and be the torchbearer of a brave new world. It is with this vision that I venture to guide those ‘problem- creators’, and propel them towards a journey of self discovery. My forte is the domain of the ‘juvenile delinquents’ who I lovingly call ‘The Thunderbolts’. I see in them a tremendous reserve of potential and energy that needs to be channelized. They may be the eye-sores for many, but for me, they are the sight for sore eyes. And while ‘High-Achiever, the Eye- Catcher’ flashes ‘Beauty’, ‘Beast, the Back-Bencher’ epitomizes ‘Fragrance’. Orchid or kid, tender care is a must. AIS ensures holistic growth by making Inclusive Education and Multiple Intelligences truly functional.

As Academic Director and ‘Prime Teacher’, I have the opportunity to share my eclectic experience and expertise to motivate my teachers, thus percolating into the entire society. As teachers are vested with the onerous responsibility of influencing eternity, I nourish them to tackle the professional challenges with passion, compassion, patience and perseverance and experience the ecstasy. While they catapult and catalyse the metamorphosis, I monitor the progress confidentially, and with pride. A more often than not, the odds are against us-be it in the form of unresponsive students, non-cooperative parents or a society that viciously engenders a fertile bed for negativity to contaminate and proliferate. But it is with unyielding zeal and uncompromising passion that I pursue my ‘Man Making Mission’ in life- to inspire every child to break free from the fetters of limitations and burst forth into the universe of perfection that they each uniquely create and richly deserve, stand by them every step of the way, to provide courage and conviction even in the face of the toughest trials and the throes of defeat. Their victories are mine too, my source of strength, my secret of bliss, my elixir of life. For us, Akashians, even sky is not the limit.



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